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Advantages of hiring a professional organizer

      • We set up systems that make it easy to maintain organization even for kids!
      • We have a vast knowledge of product and solutions so we know exactly what will work with your space AND your budget!
      • We are fast and efficient. An organization project that might take you days if not weeks we can typically do in hours. 
      • We have a unique ability to look at a space and make it make sense and function for your specific needs and situation. 
      • We can help you work through some of the difficulties of getting rid of things including emotional attachment, uncertainty of what to keep and what to throw, and just being overwhelmed with too much stuff. After all, the money has already been spent. Holding on to an item that you don’t use or love isn’t adding any value to it. In fact, it continues to take away value by increasing stress and taking up space. 
  • $ 50 person per hour
  • Prices starting at $50 per person per hour. Fill out our form for a free complimentary consultation to begin your journey to a clutter free lifestyle!

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  • $ 150 diy consult
  • Do you want The OCD Girls to help you with a project, but you don’t live in Billings?

    The OCD Girls are doing virtual consultations! $150 diy consult.

    You can video your space, send pictures and measurements.

    The OCD Girls will FaceTime, give you a plan for your organization project and include links to all recommended products and still be available for all your questions!

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  • * 4, 10, 15 hour blocks
  • The gift of organization will inspire change that can last a lifetime. Perfect for expectant parents, homeowners, busy professionals, or a family member who wants to simplify but does not know how to begin. Gift certificates are available in blocks of 4, 10, or 15 hours.

    Please be sure that the person you wish to give the gift certificate to is open to working with a professional organizer. We can’t help if the client isn’t ready.

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  • Referrals are an important part of The OCD Girls. For any person you send our way that becomes a client, we will reward you with $50 toward your next project.

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